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Link to our current inventory of Short Barrelled Rifles (SBR):


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Short Barreled Rifles (SBR).

Ownership of short barreled rifles (SBR) is federally legal & no special license is required to own one.

Many states allow ownership of an SBR.  Please check your local laws to determine if they are legal in your state.

In 2014, Michigan came into compliance with Federal laws and now Michigan residents can legally own them!

An SBR is a type of firearm that is basically any rifle with a barrel shorter than 16″ or smaller than 26″ overall length. SBRs are regulated by the National Firearms Act (NFA) as our machine guns and silencers.

The process to create an SBR is quite similar to silencer ownership and there are three methods:

1) You pick out an SBR you want to buy, we take payment and then transfer it in. Once we have it (usually takes two  months for the paperwork to clear) we then help you submit the proper paperwork (form 5320.4 AKA Form 4) along with the $200 tax. Once approved you pick it up from us (and submit a form 4473). Simple.

2) We make it for you. We are also properly licensed to make an SBR and if you have a certain configuration you desire we can order in the parts, create the SBR and then help you submit the paperwork to take possession. This is a faster option as we do not have to wait for the BATFE to approve the transfer of the already manufactured SBR to us before we can start the transfer to you.

3) You make it. You can also convert an existing firearm from your collection into an SBR. In this case, we help you pick out a proper short barrel or upper or whatever is required for your firearm. We then order it in for you (most manufacturers will only sell SBR parts to properly licensed dealers) and then we help you submit the paperwork to the BATFE (5320.1 AKA Form 1). We hold the parts for you (you cannot have them or assemble them before approval). Once approved, we give you the parts and you can then legally assemble your SBR. Yay!

In all cases the SBR must be engraved on the receiver with the makers name, city and state; our name if we make it and youe name if you make it.

Also, an SBR rifle can be removed from the NFA list if the firearm is modified back to a non-SBR configuration and can then be sold, kept, gifted without the need for NFA transfer paperwork. The owner of the SBR must destroy, dispose or etc of the original SBR barrel. If you keep the short barrel the ATF still considers you in possession of an SBR. I like this fact as it gives you options in the future if needed.

Let us know if you have any questions or want to order your SBR.

Feel free to read our page on Silencer ownership to understand more about the process and paperwork as they are essentially the same. It is here:  silencer ownership page

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