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at red circle tactical we have UZI rifles and pistols for sale

We stock UZI models (Mini-Uzi too!) from Vector Arms, IWI, Walther (22LR).

Some history on the UZI rifle:

-Developed in Israel by Uzial Gal starting around 1949.

-Built to meet the requirements of the Israel Defense Force's (IDF) request for development of a new standard issue rifle.

-Approved for development in 1950 after the IDF tested it against a rifle with a similar design submitted by Major Chaim Kara.

-Rifle was patented in 1952.

-In 1954 one hundred units were built and given to the IDF for testing.

-later, in 1954, after successful testing, the Israeli Ordinance Corps ordered an initial run of 8,000 UZIs.

-The rest is history as they say.

- People really love the Uzi, even the US Secret Service deployed them in the 1980s and it was recently featured on TV's GunnyTime.

-The Israeli Special Forces Counter Terrorism group has used them extensively especially the Mini-Uzi variant in Semi-Auto.

Here are some direct links to in-stock offerings of Uzi and Uzi related products:

Vector Arms Uzis' (they manufacture the finest UZI clones in the USA)

Walther Uzis' (22lr only)

IWI Uzis'

​*All state, local and BATFE rules and regulations apply. Make sure the gun you want to buy online is legal to be owned in your state/city.

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