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AR-15 RIFLES for sale

at red circle tactical we have AR15 rifles, pistols  and accessories FOR SALE

We stock AR-15 Rifles and Pistols from just about every major manufacturer including: 

​2 Vets, Adcor Defense, Adams Arms, ATI, Anderson, Armalite, Black Rain Ordnance, Bushmaster, CMMG, Colt, DPMS, DS Arms, Daniel Defense, Del-Ton, Diamondback, Franklin Armory, Just Right Carbine, LWRC, MGI, Mossberg, Olympic Arms, Remington, Rock River, Ruger, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Stag Arms, Windham Weaponry, and many others.

A brief history of the AR-15 rifle:

The AR-15 is based on the AR-10 (7.62mm) that was designed by Eugene Stoner in association with the Armalite Corp. The 'AR' actually stands for 'ARmalite'. Due to some financial difficulties, in 1959 Armalite sold it rights to both the AR-10 and the AR-15 to Colt.

Colt began to market the rifle to military services worldwide and after some minor design changes the rifle was ultimately adopted by the US Military as their service weapon (renamed the M-16).

In 1963, Colt began manufacturing and selling the Semi-Auto version of the M-16 to civilians as the AR-15.

Colt still owns the trademark for AR15 and AR-15. However, currently there is an endless supply of AR-15 clones for sale in the US firearms market and they utilize different model designations to avoid legal issues with the Colt trademarked name. The firearm culture tends to refer ,incorrectly, to most any AR-15 clone as an AR-15.

Please be sure to follow the links and check out our selection of AR-15 Rifles and Pistols for sale. You are sure to find a AR to add to your collection.

​*All state, local and BATFE and NFA rules and regulations apply. Make sure the gun you want to buy online is legal to be owned in your state/city.


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