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Vector Arms - The finest H&K and Uzi Style Guns

At Red Circle Tactical we carry the full line of Vector firearms.

Vector's firearms all come with a 5 year warranty and amazing customer service. They have one goal and that is a happy customer with a fully functional gun. In the unlikely event of any issues they will get it resolved and fast!

Each firearm is built one at a time to exacting standards resulting in some of the finest H&K and Uzi style firearms on the market. You will not find finer builds on the market. In my opinion these builds are better than the factory originals.

Each build utilizes new and factory original parts whenever possible and the finest USA built components when required to maintain 922(r) compliance. Remember that original H&K and Uzi rifles have been banned from import since 1994.

Uzi Style Firearms:

Mini Uzi Rifle - 9mm and 45acp (while supplies last built with a VERY RARE Hebrew marked lower!)

Mini-Uzi Pistol - 9mm and 45acp

Uzi Carbine Folding Stock - 9mm and 45acp

Uzi Carbine Fixed Stock - 9mm and 45acp

Uzi Pistol - 9mm and 45acp

Most of the Uzi Clones are also available in stainless steel.

9mm Uzi variants can be converted to fire both 9mm and 45acp with the purchase of a 45acp conversion kit (barrel, bolt, springs and magazine). 

All the Uzi Clones are available in Parkerized Finish or a very durable, proprietary, ceramic based, baked on black paint finish similar in look to the IMI Uzis imported into the USA. If you want black (and trust me you do) just let us know as it will be a custom build and will likely have a FAST two week turn around.

All the Uzi variants can be configured as Short Barrelled Rifles (SBR). Let us know if you are interested in this option and we will convert one for you. All NFA rules apply.

Please contact us for details.

H&K Style Firearms:

V93 Rifle Fixed Stock .223/5.56

V93 Rifle Collapsible Stock .223/5.56

V53 Pistol - .223/5.56

V53NS Rifle Fixed Stock - .223/5.56

V53NS Rifle Collapsible Stock -  .223/5.56

V51 Rifle Fixed Stock - .308

V51 Pistol - .308

V94 Rifle Fixed Stock - 9mm

V94 Pistol - 9mm

V94S Pistol - 9mm

V91 Rifle Fixed Stock - .308/7.62

V91 Rifle Collapsible Stock - .308/7.62

Many of the H&K variants can be configured as Short Barrelled Rifles (SBR). Let us know if you are interested in this option and we will convert one for you. All NFA rules apply.

Many of the H&K variants can be configured as 'K' models in pistol configuration so that there is no SBR tax stamp required. Please contact us if you want one of these variations. 

If the item you want is not currently listed let us know what you want and we will see if we can have it built for you. Build times are around 2 -3 weeks so you will have your new favorite gun quick. How many firearm manufacturers do you know that will build a custom gun for you in around two -three weeks? 

*All state, local and BATFE and NFA rules and regulations apply. Make sure the gun you want to buy online is legal to be owned in your state/city.

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